Welcome to the Culture in Trafford Website.

Live Life - Ttrafford LogoWe hope that this site will help to increase participation in culture and help to improve the profile of Trafford by attracting people to live, work and play in a Borough that is vibrant and exciting.

The word culture means different things to everyone; it conjures up mental images and pictures and everyone has their own personal understanding and interpretation of the word as well as cultural experiences and background. It is often seen as a complexity of society characteristics and distinctions such as faiths and beliefs, intellect and emotions as well as social expressions and traditions. Most of us think of culture as a creative form and expression of common interests or activities that may make up our cultural identity or way of life as individuals and collectively in our area, region, nation or world.

It is acknowledged that there is a richness of cultural provision in the Borough with institutions such as Manchester United, Lancashire County Cricket Club or Imperial War Museum. What many people might not know is that Trafford has a wealth of creative talent, individuals and groups ready to play their part in promoting culture as well understanding the awareness of the cultural opportunities available to its diverse communities.

By identifying key cultural resources, this website has been established to encourage the wider community to access the vast range of cultural activities taking place in Trafford and beyond.

Cultural Services in Trafford have recently developed their Customer Service Standards. Please take a few minutes to read the standards and then email us with your comments to cultural.strategy@trafford.gov.uk We look forward to hearing from you.

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